15 Differences between a NORMAL mother and a LATIN mother


Latina mothers, like mothers around the world, always care about the well-being of their children. But, let's face it, a Latina mother, although she lives worried, sometimes exaggerates situations, and has her very particular way of teaching you to overcome the difficult lessons of life.


A normal mother: Generate arguments by scolding you.

Television character "Doña lucha"

A Latina mother: There are no arguments, because it's your mother And you hold on!


A normal mother: It gives you a warning.

A Latina mother: Count to three and if you are serious, you will care little about the order of mathematics and will start in two.


A normal mother: He threatens not to let you out to play.

A Latina mother: It threatens to tell supernatural beings (the Magi, Santa Claus, the mouse of teeth and other entities) about your behavior, so they do not give you anything because you misbehave.


A normal mother: It will reassure you after an awesome situation.

A Latina mother: He will give you a bolillo or an omelet to make you feel scared.


A normal mother: It worries that you are well fed.

A Latina mother: It will prepare food for you as if you were not eating again, you will cook your favorite dishes and you better leave a space for rice pudding. Of course, if you put food in a tupper, has v back.


A normal mother: She is worried.

A Latina mother: He is with Jesus in his mouth.


A normal mother: She is jealous of her son.

A Latina mother: You're giving away with any stranger to the first tantrum: Look, did you see that child so ugly and badly behaved? Take it.


A normal mother: Accept your mistakes.

Television character "Doña lucha" scolding the character of the "Chinese"

A Latina mother: He will tell you that you are to blame for everything, and then he will scold you. As this typical case.


A normal mother: Feel a great emotion when you call him on the phone.

A Latina mother: It claims you when you call it because you never call it.


A normal mother: He'll tell you not to eat your soup when you tell him he tastes weird.

A Latina mother: He will tell you to give up on antics and finish it. Also, if the soup really tastes strange and you get sick, it will surely scold you because it hurt you something you ate on the street your soup always tastes good. Then he will give you a home remedy.


A normal mother: He asks you a question and waits for the answer.

A mother latina: He asks you a question waiting for you to shut up and answer him.


A normal mother: He scolds you for your pranks.

Mexican mother doing the "look"

A Mexican mother: He looks at you with his eyebrow raised as if to say: You were worth it, but I'll wait until I get home and I'll tell your dad. I probably will not do anything to you, but the feeling of having you in pain is more than enough.


A normal mother: It will take you to the doctor when you are sick.

A Latina mother: He will scold you because you got sick (probably because you were barefoot or without a sweater), then he will send you to the medicine drawer to look for the Vapo-Rub to put on your chest.


A normal mother: It puts punishments.

A Mexican mother: Go for the flip-flop or the belt.


A normal mother: She feels proud of you.

A Latina mother: Not only is she proud of you, she is proud of herself for having raised such a perfect son!

NORMAL PARENTS VS MY PARENTS | Brent Rivera (January 2021)