15 Designs of clothes made with denim that will make you cry with sadness; they are horrible


Although originally denim was created for men, today it has become essential material for both sexes. We know that designers are responsible for creating pieces with this textile to show the best trends, but there are designs that no one will use.

Some are so uncomfortable and horrible that we are sure that anyone would hate them. Definitely these 15 designers should apologize for causing an existential crisis to the denim.

1. Do you want to show your knees? No thanks

2. What today is to have the zipper on the back

3. Why cover your shoulders with a jacket?

4. Skirt or pants, better the two

5. So you kill two birds with one stone

6. If you want to look sexy, this is the perfect choice

7. This way you will not have heat during the summer

8. The jeans Mammoth are back! (Nobody likes this)

9. You can go from a pair of pants to a shorts in one easy step

10. It started as a few jeans and it ended in a disaster

11. If you like flamenco, this garment is for you

12. If you can not decide between a jumpsuit, a maxidress or a pair of trousers

13. A tribute to the jacket that is tied to the waist

14. Asymmetrical dresses are today's

15. So you will never know the distance between your navel and your knees

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