15 Designers who completely failed to do their job


When it comes to advertising, product or building designs, companies have to pay close attention to what they are going to do. However, sometimes they lose their way and the strangest things start to happen.

From a very unhelpful lock to boxer shorts for people with three legs, these errors show that designers do not necessarily have bad intentions, but their actions do not turn out to be the best. Maybe they just want to amuse people a little with the tasks they were supposed to do.

1. I call this a good lock

2. Wait, is it a finger or a Christmas decoration?

3. With this window you can see who is knocking on the door

4. Are there such long arms?

5. I have never met a man with 3 legs

6. What morbid person came up with this?

7 .Thank you for reminding me

8. It is a very large clock

9. Those flowers should not go there

10. Oh my God, a girl cyborg!

11. You're pregnant! Truly?

12. Was not there a simpler method to put the phone?

13. This designer hated Starbucks

14. Dentist or murderer? Anyway, I'll never go to that place

15. Something is not well written

World's Funniest Engineering Fails (September 2020)