15 Delicious sweets that were your favorites in the 90s


Although it hurts us to accept it, time is passing too quickly and it is inevitable to look with nostalgia at the memories of our childhood, especially the toys, meals and sweets that made us spend such pleasant moments.

Unfortunately, some sweets that we ate when we were small no longer exist and many more are one step away from extinction. Fortunately, the Internet exists and thanks to this we can remember them and see them for at least a few seconds. Do you remember which were your favorites? If not, here we leave you the 15 most famous sweets of the 90.

1. These snacks tasted delicious

2. Do you remember these flavored chewing gum?

3. It was a challenge to eat them and get to the green sweet

4. This ring lasted for hours and seemed to have no end

5. They were so small that you ate one after the other

6. When you arrived at the center it was inevitable to make faces

7. Surely you remember that they were called Slaps

8. The pecositas cost only $ 1 peso

9. Why they ceased to exist!

10. Which one did you prefer, the pallets or these sachets?

11. After chewing them for a while they finished the taste and your jaws ended up aching

12. They could not miss the Christmas bonuses

13. You collected all your Sundays to buy a Sonrics box

14. These ice pops always took away the heat

15. It was like buying two pallets

16. You could keep them to follow them eating in class

17. The burbusodas were so popular

18. Now there are similar sweets and although they have another name you keep saying Sugus

19. This delicious caramel was a mix between the spicy and the sweet

20. This was like a clown palette but cheaper

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