15 Delicious desserts that every lover of Nutella MUST prepare


The Nutella, That exquisite delicacy that fascinates most of us! We usually eat it on toast or toast when we can not resist tasting its delicious flavor, but there are more ways you can taste it.

Here we leave you 15 great ideas so you can enjoy more of the intense flavor that hazelnut cream offers us.

1. Cake Nutella

This delicious cake can be prepared with just two ingredients. Here is the prescription.

2. French bread

French bread is one of the simplest recipes. You can see the recipe here

3. Roll of Nutella with fruits

It's amazing that you only need sliced ​​bread, strawberries and the delicious Nutella. Look at the recipe here

4. Mocha frappuccino with Nutella

For this hot season you need something delicious and cold. Nothing better than preparing a sweet and ice cream frappe of Nutella You can check here the quick and easy steps.

5. Panini of Nutella with chocolates

An extra sweet and energetic breakfast or lunch that you can easily prepare with this recipe.

6. Snacks with Nutella

You only need:

  • sweet pancake type bread, sliced
  • 1 bottle of Nutella
  • Bacon

Use a cookie cutter to shape the slices of bread, place a little Nutella and if desired, a little golden bacon in strips. You must stack them before enjoying. To know more about this recipe look here.

7. Crepas de Nutella and mango

If you are one of those who enjoy the delicious crepes, and also always looking for different ways to prepare them, here we show you an exotic and original combination.

8. Waffle of strawberries with nutella

One of the favorite breakfasts besides the hotcakes are the waffles Its preparation takes more time, but it's worth it if you have the perfect combination: strawberries and Nutella Look how they prepare here.

9. Sandwich Nutella and caramelized banana

It will only take you 15 minutes to prepare this delicious recipe. Maybe it sounds different, but its taste is incredible. Here we leave you the recipe.

10. Mini cheese pie with Nutella

This recipe also requires a little time for its preparation, but the mini pies are incredibly delicious. If you have a meeting, your guests will be fascinated. Here we leave you the recipe.

11. Rolls glazed with Nutella

These scrumptious rolls will give you one more reason to love the delicious hazelnut cream. Look here for its easy preparation and enjoy them.

12. Cookies Nutella

If you are a fan of cookies this recipe should be among your favorites. Imagine the delicious taste of Nutella accompanied with a glass of milk, like when you were little. Here we leave you the simple recipe.

13. Hot cakes with Nutella

Prepare your hotcakes normal, but uses Nutella on them in place or together with the honey you prefer. You can add the fruit that you like the most and that's it! To enjoy!

14. Braided bread with Nutella

The Nutella It can be combined with almost any kind of dessert, so, do you think preparing it in a bread braid, perfect to enjoy with a delicious cup of coffee? Here the recipe

15. Ice-cold palette Nutella

To cool off and enjoy the summer more. It will only take a few minutes. Check here the preparation.