15 Delicious and huge wedding cakes that are a visual pleasure


In all the parties, especially at weddings, the most important thing is the banquet, after all it is planned so that the guests can enjoy a delicious meal, but what about the dessert? It is also important to choose a delicious cake that can sweeten the palate of the attendees. Although many couples choose small cakes with simple decorations that look elegant and can even show a little of each other's personality, there are others who prefer extravagant models.

More and more couples are opting for monumental wedding cakes. We do not exaggerate, some have flats and floors decorated with sweet flowers that cover every cake and, although it sounds incredible, there are also cases of cakes that are the replica of a castle and even to cut them they have to use swords. But you do not have to imagine them because here are the 15 most impressive and enormous wedding cakes.

1. Each floor reaches for all the guests!

2. This Cinderella preferred the pumpkin to turn into cake

3. If you look good, you will notice that the dress and the cake look alike

4. I wish those flowers were sugar. They would be delicious!

5. They had a plan B so as not to ruin the huge cake

6. If she wanted to, she could live in that castle

7. I would not dare to cut it to eat it either

8. It's awesome and maybe delicious!

9. I do not even want to imagine how they did it to take it to the place

10. Maybe they invested more in the cake than in the wedding

11. Can you imagine a cake like that for your wedding?

12. Wait, do you want to reach a flower or cut it?

13. A normal knife can not cut it!

14. I do not know if it's a cake or a sculpture to decorate your house

15. And if the guests do not want cake, who is going to eat it?

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