15 Delicate cross stitch tattoo styles for girls with a nostalgic soul


The popularity of tattoos continues to increase, that is why artists work to find a novel and aesthetic trend that can look beautiful on the skin. Like Eva Krbdk, an artist who has found in the cross-stitch an inspiration to create great works of art on the skin.

Unlike common drawings on the skin, his technique is based on a stitch pattern that does not include dark outlines, instead he uses color to create the shapes. His style has quickly become viral, becoming a trend that thousands of tattoo artists are beginning to imitate. Take a look at these amazing designs and be amazed.

1. Cross stitch bracelet

This incredible design you will have an accessory that you can wear with any outfit.

2. In honor of Frida Khalo

If you are a great admirer of the artist's work, this tattoo is definitely for you.

3. Color television

An original and very colorful design.

4. This design will make you fall in love

If you love flowers and minimalist style, this drawing is for you.

5. Roses that will remind you of spring

The combination of a red tone and an olive green will be perfect to look on your skin.

6. Paper airplanes

Remember your childhood with this drawing.

7. The pandas are full of tenderness

If you are an animal lover, a cute panda will be the cherry on the cake.

8. The mad hatter in a cup

In this way you will remember the tea party of Alice in Wonderland.

9. If you're sick of flowers, a classic car is perfect

Nothing like the drawing of your first car or the one you've always dreamed of having.

10. The silhouette of Marilyn Monroe

Probably Marilyn's face has been one of the most expressed in all of history, but with this technique she looks spectacular.

11. Swirl of colors

Due to their technique, these types of designs are simple, easy to make and above all very creative.

12. Elephant for harmony

Nothing like an animal so noble and with combinations of colors that speak of your personality.

13. Grandma's cherries

We are sure that this type of design will remind you of all the napkins that your grandmother embroidered.

14. Simple cross

If you came to embroider, this was one of the basic designs that you surely tried.

15. Heart throbbing

If for the first time you will get a tattoo but do not know which design to choose, this may be the solution, it is simple, simple and has an incredible color.

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