15 Decoration ideas with plants to make every corner of your home an Eden


There are rooms in the home that are our favorite place, maybe to read, sleep or cook; that's why we have to make them cozy and with a pleasant atmosphere so that we can enjoy every minute we spend there. Some decorations turn out to be expensive and very complicated and in the end do not end up being as you expected or as you saw in a tutorial.

If you want to know an effective way of decorating, then you should think about the plants. These are some reasons why you should consider them: you can get them in nurseries for half the price you would pay if you buy them in a self-service store, or get someone to give you a stem, plant it and let it grow. But that's not all, besides that you will make every corner of your house fill with a pleasant smell, the spaces will be more relaxing and have bright colors. These are some ideas that can help you.

1. The plants will help you relax when you need it most

2. Can you imagine how it will feel to wake up here?

3. A subtle decoration that turns any space into a place full of life

4. This is a nice way to color a room

5. The best thing to relax and clear your mind

6. Give life to the solitary spaces of your home

7. A quiet and quiet place to enjoy a book

8. This is what the quietest place in your home would look like

9. Plants can be in every corner of your home

10. A natural and perfect throne

11. The princesses now have a canopy of plants

12. One is never enough

13. The paintings have remained in the past; what are the plants today

14. They can stimulate your creativity and help you work quietly

15. When sleeping with this decoration you will breathe pure air