15 Cuts that will be your inspiration to change the look


Although it sounds strange to say, there are times when you need a radical change, not only in your lifestyle but also in your appearance and what better way to do it than with a haircut.

It does not matter if you cut it a few centimeters or say goodbye to your hair until you have a style pixie; the important thing is to have the courage to tell your stylist to take the scissors and get rid of the strands that mistreat your hair and not let it grow in the right way. The creative director of the Local Honey room, Brian Hickman, is a master of the radical changes, like these 15 cuts that will be your inspiration if you want to vary from look.

1. A cut can help for a big change in your life

2. The secret is to make a fringe

3. Create a look modern

4. Make your hair come back to life with a cut to Rachel

5. This is the sophistication that gives a bob cut

6. A good cut highlights your passions, like rock

7. Sometimes you just need a little volume

8. And say goodbye to years of long hair

9. Layered, a unique style that will draw attention

10. Subtle changes that will be radically reflected on your face

11. Playing with color is also important

12. It will make you look and feel younger

13. Round it to frame your face

14. Removes volume to profile a sharper face

15. Goodbye to dreadlocks hippies and hello to the cut pixie

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