15 Cute wallpapers to give color to your mobile


The wallpapers are an essential element to personalize your cell phone, because through them you project your tastes, beliefs, thoughts and even your mood.

There are hundreds and even thousands, but finding the right one is still a difficult task. That's why we decided to help you by selecting 15 wallpapers which are the perfect mix between random and cute, to give it a touch cool to your mobile.

1. The small details make the difference

2. From nature to your mobile

3. An explosion of brightness in each call

4. Colors and flavors!

5. Smoke bombs to block the enemy from WhatsApp

6. As sweet as each one of your stickers

7. Paint your days of colors!

8. A purr for each click

9. Do you remember these phones?

10. A little spring

11. Because your heart is the most precious diamond

12. Do not let stress control your time

13. There is no doubt that nature is hypnotizing

14. It's time to spread your wings!

15. An acid rain, but succulent