15 Cute Tumblr style wallpapers to personalize your cell phone


Our cell phone is the companion that is with us most of the time: it is the first thing we see when we wake up and the last thing before we sleep, it is even there as a faithful witness when we want to capture an important moment. We could leave everything, but the cell phone will never be out of our sight.

These devices have become an extension of our lives, so we must take care of them and, why not, pamper them with a beautiful case and a nice wallpaper that decorates our phone in a special way. To help you personalize your cell phone, here are the top 15 wallpapers that we have found for you on Tumblr.

1. These colors will give more brightness to your cell phone

2. If you like French fries, you will love this

3. It's like having cut out of the magazine and having stuck it to the cell phone

4. Simply beautiful

5. The colors and the effect will make your cell phone have an interesting background

6. If your dream is to go to Disney, this castle will remind you that one day you will achieve it

7. Ideal if you want a minimalist background with sober colors and a 3D effect

8. We call it: The heart does not charge with the same speed as a cell phone

9. Who would not want to be near New York?

10. To remember that you must always be positive

11. A phrase that will motivate you every day

12. You need to see beautiful flowers every day

13. Only for girls

14. Their colors are hypnotizing

15. Love is what makes the world turn

how i decorate/customize my android! *girly & cute* | DIYDazzleNails (April 2021)