15 Cute styles of sandals to replace your tennis this summer


Although tennis shoes are those comfortable shoes that we all prefer to use daily, from time to time it is good to keep them in the closet to give them a break, especially if it is hot season. For those days when the temperature rises and it is unbearable to keep your feet covered, sandals are the perfect choice.

Some models are just as comfortable as any type of tennis and the best thing is that you can also combine them with different clothes. Thanks to the fact that there are different styles such as espadrilles, platforms, wedge, Swedish and wedges, your outfits They will be the most original and you will have a style that will cause the envy of all the girls around you.

1. This summer add color to your outfit with your sandals

2. The black ones go well with everything

3. The huaraches style are the most comfortable

4. Those with strips let air pass and keep your feet cool

5. The perfect combination does exist

6. Crow's feet are ideal for a look relaxed

7. A little shine and comfort

8. If you do not want to wear heels choose the style flat

9. Espadrilles are practical for a long walk

10. Swedes can not miss

11. What do you think of this hairy and comfortable option?

12. If you have a formal event, choose the heels

13. Yes to the transparencies!

14. So you will achieve a feminine and cute outfit

15. Spartans will never go out of style