15 Cute extra long dresses to be the envy at your graduation


Our graduation is one of the most important days of our student life. It is the end of a cycle of effort and hard work, and this deserves a celebration in a big way, because after all the sleeplessness, fatigue and school efforts, we have earned it!

But many times because of the rush of final exams or the thesis, we forget the most important garment that will make us look like a queen. If you still can not find the perfect shape, color or texture for the dress of your dreams, here we leave you 15 very glamorous to be the envy of anyone who sees you.

1. Nothing is more perfect than this romantic color

2. To look elegant and sophisticated

3. Who does not love flowers?

4. A fairytale princess dress

5. The details in black look spectacular

6. To shine all night

7. The wine color is magnificent for these events

8. The details in the bust make the difference

9. It will impact who sees you

10. Do not be afraid to use green

11. Simple but precious

12. Dare to show your legs

13. A great option is to wear black lace

14. Perfect color combination

15. Take a risk to be sexier

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