15 Cute embroidered cakes that will make your party a success


Embroidery is here to stay, but not in our clothes; in fact, their popularity is so great that they have gone from wardrobe to confectionery. Yes, as you just read. Fashion embroideries are already applied in decorations for cookies and cakes, they do not need yarns and needles but bitumen, dyes and flavorings.

The cakes reflect the love we have for a person, mainly, and for those who love handicrafts, fluorescent colors and their culture, cakes with an embroidered effect are ideal. These are usually lined with white fondant and decorated with bitumen, but the truly impressive is the detail in each of its figures, which seem to have been embroidered with a special loom.

1. Embroidered cakes are the trend of the year

2. They look like made in cloth

3. They are full of color

4. Each design is unique and special

5. The perfect balance between elegance and joy

6. A beautiful way to add a colorful touch to your party

7. Dare to choose different options

8. Every detail is important

9. Turn your party of fifteen years into an unforgettable moment

10. Nobody is going to want to split it

11. Who said that the wedding cake should be white?

12. Your aunts will be delighted

13. The perfect declaration of love in bitumen

14. No matter the size

15. Minimalism in cross stitch