15 Cute dresses to master the spring with style and glamor


The hot season is just around the corner, so if you want to be prepared to receive the rays of the sun on your skin, it is best to know some options that will keep you cool, radiant and fashionable. An incredible alternative to achieve it are the dresses.

Whether short or long, they can help to enhance your femininity, to attract the eyes of everyone who crosses your path and who, almost without wanting to, become the queen of style this spring.

1. Show your most colorful side

2. Embroidery is the touch chic this spring

3. Attractive and formal without spending all your savings

4. Stay cool at all times

5. Because art is not only found in museums

6. Something boho for an afternoon on the beach

7. Because romanticism never rests

8. Ideal for a garden party

9. Fall in love with your crush it's simpler than you think

10. Olanes to enter the trend

11. Who said tennis and dresses do not get along?

12. A cuts go well to any body type

13. Minimalist, comfortable and cool to go to school

14. Because glamor is not fighting with the heat

15. Maxivestids can not miss