15 CURSIS things that every twenty-something girl wants SECRETLY in a relationship


To all the women, and why not, also to some men, we activate the button of the kitsch when we fall in love. We secretly want to share moments and romantic details with our partner, especially when we are young.

So, let's face it: if you're in your twenties, you've probably secretly wanted these cheesy things for your relationship.

1. A fortress of pillows, beers and a Netflix marathon together

Do not give a fuck what they think. Buy some beers, a supply of chips, chocolates and popcorn, and get into your strength to enjoy the romantic programming that Netflix has for you.

2. Travel together and have a map of love as proof

No matter where you live, you can visit places and mark a map with a picture of you, where you were.

3. A couple tattoo

Nothing says more about true love than ink on the skin, which lasts forever.

4. A picture that complements as wallpaper

It's like the 21st century locket.

5. Handmade details

You know that your partner really loves you when he takes the time to write 365 adorable messages to tell you how much he loves you.

6. Romantic photos taken in each place they go

All with the same pose.

7. A spontaneous battle with toy guns

It's like recreating Mr and Mrs smith, but in a safer and less violent field.

8. Coffee cups that match

You and your partner are as cute as hell, when they get up at 6 in the morning. If someone were to mock you for drinking in a coordinated cup, you will be condemned.

9. Take an anniversary photo holding a photo from the previous year

That way they will remember their love from the beginning.

10. Post-its with tender messages left at random

The messages of love are sooooo much better than the messages of your roommates who say wash your dishes please.

11. A way to remember the concerts, movies and shows you saw together

Remember when you dragged your boy by force to go to Beyoncé's concert? Now it's your number one fan!

12. A collage of photos of the years they have been together

More things to remember.

13. Bury a time capsule

Think how funny it will be in 10 years to unearth that photo of the Halloween party, where he and you decided to go dressed as Micky and Minnie Mouse.

14. Letters for all times

Letters made by hand for when you feel sad, happy, you miss it. They are much better than a simple emoji in Whatsapp!

15. Matching clothes

It can be a shirt or a sports sweatshirt, but something that helps them show the world that you are winning the game of love.

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