15 Curiosities you did not know about your favorite pop stars


Sometimes we tend to believe that the now famous achieved recognition overnight, that they are surrounded by jewelry and only wear exclusive designer clothes. But the truth is that some lead a common life, like ours.

So is. There are celebrities who are people like you and me, and that's why some have in their past curious stories that you can not imagine, but that we are about to reveal

1. Christina Aguilera

In Guantanamo they used their music to torture the prisoners. Their voice rank, in addition to their gender, were considered elements perfect to torture the prisoners accused of organizing the 9/11 attack.

2. Nicole Scherzinger

Fergie was not the first choice to be the vocalist of Black Eyed Peas: the position was offered to Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls.

3. Kesha

Appeared in the video I Kissed a Girl of Katy Perry.

4. Alicia Keys

First she was going to be called Wilde, that is, Alicia Wilde, but in the end her last name was changed due to marketing issues.

5. Madonna

Uploading songs from your album American Life to platforms that promote piracy; When they reached the second 20 in each song, they heard the phrase: What the fuck do you think you are doing? . Madonna wanted to beat piracy, but the day after its official release the album was leaked on her own website.

6. Sia

It took 14 minutes to write the song Diamonds, played by Rihanna.

7. Kelly Rowland

It was the first (not Beyoncé) of the Destinys Child to get the number one spot on Billboard as a soloist.

8. Shania Twain

He used the name of Brad Pitt in his song That Dont Impress Me Much because he saw pictures of him naked and did not impress him much.

9. Adele

It was discovered on MySpace. After uploading three demos, she was contacted by producer XL. When he graduated from high school he offered him a contract.

10. Mariah Carey

Billboard named the song We Belong Together, of Mariah Carey, like the melody of the decade in the 2000s.

11. Lady Gaga

I hate Telephone. Is it so terrible to say it? It's the song that I find hardest to hear.

12. The Spice Girls

Mel B said that the magazine Tops of the Pop It was she who invented her nicknames and not themselves.

We were already called Spice Girls, but they wrote a story about us and without consulting us they called us differently. The nicknames hit, so we stayed with them.

13. Jennifer Lopez

Google Images was created after Jennifer Lopez impacted the audience with her dress in the delivery of the Grammys premise in 2000. It was the most popular search in Google, but there was no option to find the photo directly.

14. Gwen Stefanni

Your theme Hollaback Girl It was the first digital song to sell a million copies.

15. Fergie

He lent his voice to Sally, Charlie Brown's sister in 1984.

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