15 Constellation nail designs that will put the universe in your hands


Women like to have nice nails because it makes us feel flirty and give a great touch to our look There are many ways to decorate this part of our hands and we just have to take as inspiration the things we like the most: art, flowers or even Sailor Moon.

If, like you, you were interested in the constellations because you liked reading your horoscope and you are one of those who like to look at the sky to see the stars, these nail designs are perfect with you! Dare to carry the universe in your hands.

1. This manicure will make you see out of this world

2. You can choose the constellation that belongs to your zodiac sign

3. Or all that fit on your nails

4. You can also paint the background with a solid color

5. Or detail the universe to give it a mystical touch

6. You can even use glaze with glitter to make it look like little stars

7. Or all the previous ones!

8. It does not matter if you're rocker

9. O feminine

10. Constellations adapt to all styles

11. Even if you like the minimalist

12. If you have skill, paint a little astronaut

13. A transparent enamel base will make you look delicate

14. Give him a plus to your manicure with a star ring

15. What girl would not want to have the universe in their hands?

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