15 Combinations of garments will be your emergency look for any type of weather


We are in a time when Mother Nature has gone crazy, either by the pollution we produce, by climate change or any other reason you can think of, but the truth is that we never know if it will be a sunny day, in the afternoon it will rain or at night it will be cool.

And when that happens, our dilemma is presented when choosing the clothes that we will use for much of the day, because we no longer only have to think about looking presentable, but also in comfort, and in being prepared for any change in climate to which we face. That is why we have devised a gallery of different styles that you can take to combat that madness and so your day goes by phenomenally.

1. Coat and dress

If your day started with something cold, a coat over your dress will fix the situation, so when the sun comes out you will only have to take it off. As you can see, you can combine your dress with the shoes that you like most: comfortable tennis shoes, long boots or booties.

2. Jumpsuit and boots

Your summer monkeys can also work in autumn, just use those that are long and combine them with boots, to keep your feet protected from the cool.

3. Light sweater and jeans

Your denim jeans will never fail no matter what cut they wear or the color, a light sweater will keep you warm in the event of a cloudy day and it is not too cumbersome if the sun shines on high.

4. Leather jacket and dress

It's the style to go out in the afternoon and party, a light summer dress allows you to feel sexy while the leather jacket will keep you warm and dry in case of rain.

5. Trench coat and boots

Perfect for rainy days, some boots will keep your feet away from the water and the raincoat will cover you but at the same time you will not have heat, because the materials with which they are manufactured are light and resistant.

6. Shirt and long skirt

Stay cool and warm at the same time with a maxifalda and a button-down shirt, you can add a belt to define your waist, combine with mules, loafers or boots.

7. Sweatshirt cuts and jeans high waist

Brag your efforts in the gym with this outfit, take the jeans to the waist and your sweatshirt crop top favorite and voilà.

8. Dr. Martens Y jeans

Take out your Docs to walk, this footwear is very comfortable for its exclusive sole with air cushioning, and more than anything for the variety of designs. A footwear of this type will keep your feet dry in rainy seasons and you can combine them with your favorite jeans.

9. Long skirt and jacket

Combine your maxifaldas with a pair of boots or ankle boots, a blouse of a color that does not stand out and finish your style with a leather jacket or a blazer, looks great.

10. Jeans broken and tennis

Do not complicate your life, take out your favorite broken jeans, a loose shirt and your white sneakers. You can wear a light jacket in case of rain.

11. Turtle neck blouse

Once again the jeans they will save you the day, in this set you only need a turtleneck or turtleneck blouse. You decide the fabric, that will depend on how cold you feel, you can combine them with comfortable tennis shoes, mule and even booties.

12. Lumberjack shirt and loafers

Autumn is the perfect season to take out lumberjack shirts or style grunge, and thus give originality to your style. Instead of using boots, booties, choose some cute black loafers that complement this carefree look.

13. Long dress and ankle boots

Take off your long summer dress in autumn, just combine it with a light jacket and a pair of boots. You will look very pretty and not be cold.

14. Sweater and pencil skirt

Do not die of cold on those cloudy or windy days, you can opt for your biggest sweater to keep your chest and arms warm. The great thing is to combine it with a pencil type skirt to keep your legs cool and at the same time attracting looks. You can combine with high heels or boots.

15. Matching trousers and jacket

Both pant garments, blazer or sack should be the same tone. Your imagination comes into play when choosing the blouse and shoes. You do not need a dress blouse, it can be a shirt of your favorite band, a crop top simple, a bralette or nothing.

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