15 Chic reasons to have at least one nude item in your wardrobe


There are colors that should never come out of our closet, like the nude, which is ideal to keep it in different shades and garments to become a queen of style.

Although it has given something to talk about in recent years, nude It has become the favorite of girls because it adapts to any type of skin and, the best, can be used at any time.

1. The nude It's the new black!

2. Use its variants in pink for a romantic touch

3. Dare to wear it in different fabrics

4. In a dress for a sweet and innocent style

5. With a bit of black for a more sophisticated event

6. All clear for an evening of freshness

7. In a pencil skirt to seduce your crush

8. With loose blouses and in casual mode

9. In a couple of paper bags and be part of the latest fashion

10. Do not be afraid to use it in all its shades

11. Create amazing combinations

12. Let out the executive you are carrying inside

13. Its dark tones will make you fall in love

14. Because small details are what count

15. Become the sexiest girl

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