15 cell phone backgrounds that will make you a Sailor Scout


Forget the default cell phone wallpapers and turn your phone into the next Lunar Scepter that will help Serena and the Sailor Scouts combat the forces of evil.

All you have to do is select some of these beautiful designs, which perfectly summarize the animated series of the 90s.

1. Do you remember each of these elements?

2. Always so sophisticated mine

3. Love is in the air, and in the messages you send to your crush

4. By the power of the lunar prism!

5. Serena will accompany you with each click

6. The version chibi of the Sailor Scouts is the cutest thing you'll see

7. I want a cat like Mina or Artemis!

8. The best team in the universe guarding your selfies

9. Because we've all been Serena at some point

10. I will never forget its transformations

11. Kiss her and do not let her go!

12. Be careful! Chibiusa could check your contacts

13. I'm as surprised as Tuxedo Mask

14. For a friendship like that of Serena and Minako

15. All Sailor Scouts reviewing your Whatsapps

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