15 Celebs who used the same outfit but look totally different


Admittedly, it is very uncomfortable to see a girl using the same outfit what we are wearing; however, it is not something that happens to ordinary people, but celebrities do. Because they constantly attend fashion shows and have friends with designers, from time to time we can see them wearing the same dress although, of course, not in the same events, and if that happens it is inevitable to think: who looks better?

Although these celebrities have worn the same dress, they also show that the makeup, hairstyle and accessories are really what defines who has a better style. Here are 15 famous women who put on the same outfit but in a different way.

1. Kim Kardashian vs. Kris Jenner

2. Jane Seymour vs. Paris Hilton

3. Victoria Beckham vs. Bar Refaeli

4. Jamie Lee Courtis vs. Sigourney Weaver

5. Robin Wright vs. Rachel Weisz

6. Helen Mirren vs. Nina Dobrev

7. Gigi Hadid vs. Dua Lipa

8. Paris Hilton vs. Kate Middleton

9. Naomi Campbell vs. Kristina Orbakaite

10. Kristen Stewart vs. Anna Dello Russo

11. Margot Robie vs. Melania Trump

12. Nicole Kidman vs. Yana Rudkovskaya

13. Kim Kardashian vs. Olivia Palermo

14. Beyoncé vs. Bella Hadid

15. Gelaanfela Sarafyan vs. Delilah Belle Hamlin

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