15 Celebs who decided to have a smaller bust and reduced the size of their breasts


Fashions come and go but only Hollywood follows them to the letter. Exuberant women had their boom in the film industry and celebrities underwent surgeries to increase their breasts, but there were others who grappled with the problem of having naturally prominent breasts.

However, as everyone is free to do what they please with their bodies, some celebrities have reduced their breasts to feel more beautiful or to avoid risks to their health.

1. Anne Hathaway

Anne kept a bust somewhat prominent for several years, and although she was never confirmed any surgery later showed a smaller bust.

2. Victoria Beckham

Victoria is a clear example of the rejection of silicone prostheses. His past of spice girl she was left behind and nowadays she looks like a sophisticated lady. He regretted his implants and went through the operating room to remove them.

3. Scarlett Johansson

He never confirmed it, but the suspicions of the diminution of his front speak for themselves. Although her curvaceous figure was too attractive and broke the stereotype of the extreme thinness of Hollywood, the actress chose to look more slender. Everything for health reasons.

4. Elsa Pataky

She says she has never had an operation, even though her face and body look completely different from her beginnings. Pataky showed off her great friends in Snake on the Plane, and today they are a bit lost, because they have lost weight due to their macrobiotic diet.

5. Nicole Kidman

After his break with Tom Cruise, he changed radically, got implants and became addicted to botox. It has increased and reduced the size of your bust, thanks to the scalpel.

6. Demi Moore

She has assured that she has never had surgery to increase or reduce her bust, but her figure does not stop raising suspicions. During his marriage to Bruce Willis, he wore a bust much bigger and taller than he looks now.

7. Heather Morris

In 2011 the actress confessed that she had breast implants. He got rid of them because he came to hate them because of the false appearance they gave his body.

8. Ariel Winter

Unlike other celebrities, Ariel had to make the decision to reduce her breasts because of problems with her back. I could not stay upright for a long time or rest properly. Many have criticized his scars, but she is not interested in the comments, because he says they are part of it and not embarrassed.

9. Christina Ricci

There were rumors that the actress had undergone surgery in 2001 to reduce her breasts, however, nothing could be proven until an image of her appeared in topples where he reveals his way through the operating room.

10. Kimberly Stewart

She had her breasts operated at 18 years of age, but her implants were removed a few years later because her mother had problems with silicone implants.

11. Angelina Jolie

In the case of Angelina, it has nothing to do with aesthetics. For genetic reasons, he had an 80 percent predisposition to breast and ovarian cancer, so he made a radical decision: remove his breasts and replace them with implants, to avoid any disease.

12. Denise Richards

The ex of Charlie Sheen operated the bust at age 19. She soon regretted it, because her breasts were too big and made her feel ridiculous. Denise went through two more surgeries to reduce her bust and be satisfied.

13. Pamela Anderson

The ex Baywatch He got his implants in the 90s, too disproportionate for the taste of some. With the passage of time, her image and style have changed and her breasts along with her.

14. Sofia Vergara

She has always been proud of her curves, but a few years ago she decided to undergo an operation to reduce her lead.

They told me that I should consider a reduction of breasts to be taken seriously, in order to succeed in the show. It was quite frustrating because I never wanted to give up my way of being.

15. Sharon Osbourne

After increasing your breasts; One morning he woke up and noticed that one was longer than the other, immediately it was with the surgeon who confirmed that there was a leak in his implants. so he decided to remove them once and for all.

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