15 Celebrities who sneaked into the photos and got the best photobomb in history


An image says more than a thousand words, so we use our best outfits, we put ourselves in a perfect pose and smile. Unfortunately we do not always get the best memory since the photobomb it became the prank for a moment, in the world there are pictures ruined every 10 seconds.

The photobombers they are inconsiderate people that come to cause frustration and anger to the protagonists of the photo when crossing in the shot or making ridiculous faces. Of course, fortune and fame completely change the name of the game, because when a celebrity, crosses half of your memory, you can consider yourself lucky.

1. They did not even notice it

Chris was sure he was being photographed.

2. When Iron Man makes you the happiest girl

Who would not be happy with the presence of Robert Downey Jr.?

3. The best act of magic is

Very good Daniel, you do know how to make your fans happy.

4. Beyoncé is not far behind

Who is the most beautiful?

5. Michael is so distracted

Michael Cera never noticed addiction to selfies of this girl

6. Tina looks happier

Neither the appearance of the famous actress made him smile a little.

7. Beware of celebrating your wedding in New York

Zach Braff could appear and ruin your memories.

8. You will never see so much rudeness in a single photo

Definitely the best selfie of all times.

9. How an interstellar invasion feels

Will Wheaton ruining photos from space Star Trek.

10. That child is a younger version of Paul

Did he travel in time?

11. Snoop Dogg ruining weddings from time immemorial

Apparently the girlfriend loves this.

12. Tom, we hope our invitation has arrived

Tom Hanks himself shared the photo on social networks.

13. Goodbye photo of the memory

Although nobody was bothered by the presence of the famous Arnold.

14. What a way to celebrate a graduation

Undoubtedly, Trudeau will have to grant them university scholarships for this moment.

15. This ends a live broadcast

And that's how Joseph Gordon Levitt earns more fans.

16. A beautiful family moment

When he shared his photo on networks he wrote the following:

I wanted to take a picture with my baby but a fool ruined everything. It was Nicolas Cage.

17. Steven Tyler wanted rock out a little

This tourist did not recognize the strange man who greeted the camera and sings in Aerosmith.

18. This queen does know how to have fun

Definitely royalty does not need an invitation.

19. Why do couples take pictures on the streets of New York?

Because there are celebrities, like the scientist Bill Nye, in every corner.

20. Breaking Family photo

Two protagonists in a photo.

21. What way to win the presidency

Bill Clinton is all a loquillo.

22. She did not bother a little company

Kevin Spacey gave him the best memory of Boston.

23. Can you come to our wedding, John?

Only the photo session, is it okay?
In agreement.

24. When you seek fame at any cost

The concierge Scrubs, Neil Flynn, is not impressed.

25. Definitely Tom Hanks is a fan of photobomb

This boy will have the best memory of that drunkenness.

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