15 Celebrities who appeared on reality shows before becoming famous


Sometimes, when we think of our favorite celebrities, we believe that they always had money, fame and recognition. But not everyone was lucky to be born in a golden cradle.

These 15 celebrities started their careers in reality shows and little by little they made their way through the entertainment industry to become what they are today: world-renowned people.

1. Chris Hemsworth, Dancing With The Stars

Its appearance in Dancing With The Stars it almost cost him the role of Thor because the casting directors were about to dismiss it because they felt that the fans were not going to take seriously a god who dances.

2. Emma Stone, In Search of The Partridge Family

Before being an award-winning actress, she participated in the reality of VH1 in which he competed for an interpret to Laurie Partridge in the remake of the classic comedy of the 70s, The New Partridge family.

3. Lady Gaga, Boiling Points

When Lady Gaga was simply Stefani Germanotta had a brief appearance on the MTV show, Boiling Points that proved the patience of the participants when faced with desperate situations.

4. Lady Gaga, The Hills

In 2008 Lady Gaga, who was already becoming known, made a brief appearance in The Hills, a reality show about a group of friends who seek to make their way in the fashion industry.

5. Beyoncé, Star Search

In 1993 Beyoncé appeared, along with the group that would later be known as Destinys Child, in the program that was looking for the next child star.

6. Gigi and Bella Hadid, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Before being the world-famous supermodels they are, they were known simply as Yolanda Hadid's daughters in The Real Houswives of Beverly Hills.

7. Aaron Paul, The Price is Right

Although it is not a reality, his participation was very funny, especially his face of disbelief at the time of losing the prize.

8. Jon Hamm, The Big Date

Before jumping to the fame, Jon participated in a contest of appointments in which it did not go well. But surely the girl who rejected him now regrets.

9. Kesha, The Simple Life

In this program, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie visited ordinary families to experience what it was like to live a life without luxury. During an episode they visited Kesha and her family.

10. Heather Morris, So You Think You Can Dance?

Incredible as it seems, the actress of Glee and Beyoncé's dancer did not even pass the auditions stage and the judges sent her home.

11. Lucy Hale, American Juniors

In 2003, the actress of Pretty Little Liars He wanted to become a pop star. Although he did not win, his passion for music prevailed and in 2014 he recorded an album of country

12. Jennifer Hudson, American Idol

The winner of the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Dremgirls competed in season three of American Idol.

13. Taryn Manning, Popstars

In addition to being an actress, Taryn Manning is a singer and in 2001 auditioned in the program Popstars to be part of a female music group.

14. David Giuntoli, Road Rules

Surely you know him as Nick Burkhardt in the series of Grimm, but in the early 2000s he competed in the MTV programs: Road Rules Y The Challenge.

15. Julianne Hough, Show Me The Money

Before being twice winner of Dancing With The Stars, the actress, singer and dancer was an aide-de-camp in the program Show Me The Money.

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