15 Celebrities who appeared in the Marvel movies and did not notice


Before Mark Ruffalo dominated the screen with his charisma to be Hulk and Lupita Nyongo join the Wakanda fight, the Marvel films were already full of celebrities.

Returning 10 years ago, we can notice that there have been some appearances and appearances of great celebrities that you may have forgotten. For this reason we have decided to refresh your memory with some of the best cameos.

1. Olivia Munn

Movie: Iron Man 2

Before acting in Hollywood, Munn was a journalist in Attack of the Show!, so this cameo fits like a glove.

2. Natalie Dormer

Movie: Captain America the First Avenger

Before being in game of Thrones, Natalie tried to seduce Steve Rogers, of course when Peggy Carter discovered her, it came to an end.

3. Nathan Fillion

Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy

The protagonist of the series Castle He played a huge alien.

4. Kate Mara

Movie: Iron Man 2

The star of House of Cards played a US Marshal who greeted Tony and Happy Hogan at the beginning of the film.

5. Joe Russo

Movie: Captain America: the winter soldier

Russo characterizes a doctor who attends Natasha Romanoff after his fight with Bucky Barnes.

6. James Gunn

Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy

He plays an extraterrestrial soldier from Sakaar. In the scene the sakaaran he tries to intimidate the Devastators with his companions so that they deliver to the Nova Corps.

7. Miley Cyrus

Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

In the credits it is confirmed that the actress lent her voice to Mainframe, who only appeared as a head at the end of the film.

8. DJ AM

Movie: Iron Man 2

It appeared as DJ at Tony Stark's birthday party. Adam (DJ AM) died on August 28, 2009 of an accidental overdose.

9. Carrie Coon

Movie: Avengers: Infinity War

The star of The Leftlovers He appeared as a member of the Dark Order and came face to face with Black Widow.

10. Tommy Lee Jones

Moviecula: Captain America the First Avenger

He appeared as Colonel Chester Phillips.

11. Stanley Tucci

Movie: Captain America the First Avenger

Dr. Abraham Erskine recruits Steve Rogers to become a super soldier.

12. Kat Dennings

Movie: Thor, a dark world

The actress of 2 Broke Girls He appeared as an intern for Jane Foster.

13. Talulah Riley

Movie: Thor, a dark world

The actress of Westworld she became an Asgard nurse.

14. Glenn Close

Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy

At the end of the film he was put in charge of one of the six stones of infinity.

15. Matt Damon

Movie: Thor: Ragnarok

He played Loki in a play in Asgard.

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