15 Celebrities that will make you doubt your age; they look younger than they are

What do celebrities take, eat and do in Hollywood that always makes them look as if they were perfect? Although we live in the era of studies, no scientist has dared to solve this great mystery. What we are really sure of is that some celebrities look so young and radiant that they make us feel a little envious. Although they are over 40 years old, they make us doubt their age.

Of course, we do not doubt that any aesthetic surgery or made a pact to be eternally young. But if you do not know who we are talking to you, here are 15 celebrities who do not really look like their real age.

1. Sandra Bullock

He is 54 years old, he does not even look like them!

2. January Jones

He is 41 years old and his skin looks like a baby's.

3. Nicole Kidman

Although he looks 30 and so many he actually has 51.

4. Drew Barrymore

At 44, he looks like he's 22.

5. Candance Cameron Bure

She is 42 years old and looks nothing but how beautiful she is

6. Penelope Cruz

Although he is 44 years old, he looks very young.

7. Halle Berry

The incredible actress is 52 years old.

8. Jennifer Lopez

He will turn 50 in July.

9. Salma Hayek

He is 52 years old and looks radiant.

10. Gwen Stefani

The sexy singer is 49!

11. Lucy Liu

Many of us would like to see ourselves like this at 50 years old.

12. Angela Bassett

She is 60 years old and looks perfect.

13. Liv Tayler

He is 41 years old and looks sensational.

14. Taraji P. Henson

He is 48 years old, but they do not even notice him.

15. Gabrielle Union

He's 46 years old, but he really looks like he's 30.

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