15 Blouses with choker that prove to be the sexiest look of 2017


One of the most beautiful trends during the summer 2016 was the style of blouses without shoulders. The offshoulder seized all the Instagram accounts among our bloggers favorites. From short dresses, blouses and dresses, the idea of ​​showing off the shoulders combined an elegant and sensual style with the feminine touch that enchanted many.

And as a perfect complement, the choker It was the accessory that adorned the neck of all in 2016. What better way to unite both trends than with the blouse choker, the ideal combination of trends for this year. Does the idea inspire you? These 15 pieces will be everything you need to be fashionable.

1. Something so cute in pastel pink

2. Crop top and wide sleeves

3. The check pattern is back

4. With your jeans to the waist

5. Something light and carefree

6. Sky blue for brown skin

7. With minishorts

8. The colors nude they are today

9. With winter tones

10 points!

11. Something like that with lace sleeves?

12. A look more discreet for the office

13. Flowered patterns

14. A top supersexi for an appointment

15. It is the sensual touch that you look needs to

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