15 Black dresses that you can wear on any occasion; You'll look glamorous 24/7

Coco Chanel once said: I imposed the black. It is still a strong color today. Black destroys everything around him. After so many years, the designer continues to be right: it does not matter which garments this color takes, thanks to him you will always achieve elegance and versatility on your side but this time we will talk about dresses.

There are hundreds of models of black dresses that you can wear at any time, it does not matter if it's an evening event or a casual outing, but rest assured you need to have at least one in your wardrobe to get out of trouble. These are 15 styles of black dresses that will inspire you.

1. The lace gives a romantic and sophisticated touch

2. Perfect for an outing with friends

3. If you have a soul rocker, this is the dress you need

4. Sneakers sometimes come out in excess

5. Bring a light jacket in case it's cold

6. Perfect for a family breakfast

7. If you have a romantic date, you will leave it open-mouthed

8. Casual dresses with tennis are still in trend

9. An assembly will help you give it a little color

10. Wear a shirt under the dress for a relaxed style

11. A little drama? A dress with sleeves

12. The neckline does not always have to be in front

13. Simple and at the same time elegant

14. Straight dresses lengthen your figure

15. Finally, this is perfect if you want to look older and smarter

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