15 Beauty tricks that will make your life easier; nor your grandmother knows them


Admittedly, most of the time we spend on the Internet we look for beauty tutorials to learn to comb our hair, or make a contouring perfect, although this implies waking up earlier to be able to fix ourselves.

However, there are girls who decided to make life easier for us, and understood that the most practical makes us look more beautiful, so they were designed and in a matter of seconds with products we have at home created the best tricks.

1. Lengthen your lashes

Instead of using a curling iron, use the dryer with the air in the upward direction. The result? As if you had put on false eyelashes.

2. This will save you from skin irritations

To cure the irritations and balance the pH of your skin, combine two tablespoons of honey with one of apple vinegar or lemon juice and apply the mixture on your clean face for 20 minutes. Its moisturizing and antibiotic properties will diminish irritations, at the same time that they will soften it.

3. Better than a manicure in the beauty salon

When we use dark colors to decorate our nails, these tend to become yellowish. If you want them to look white and clean, wet some cotton pads with lemon juice, wrap your nails with them for 15 minutes, then remove the pads, rinse as usual and moisturize with your favorite cream.

4. Silky hair and ready in seconds

Always rinse the conditioner with cold water, and only apply it on the tips of the hair, this will seal the cuticle and increase the brightness.

5. Keep an impact look

For a perfect makeup use the ring finger to apply creams or concealer in your eyes. Apply little pressure on your skin.

6. The perfect solution to a broken nail

Nothing so disastrous and common as having a broken nail. To solve it, empty a tea bag and cut a part to the size of your nail, place it on it and glue it with a little translucent enamel.

7. Keep a fresh breath

If you are desperate to eliminate bad breath in a natural way, chew some coriander for five minutes and you will notice the difference. It also works with mint leaves.

8. Perfect eyebrows in one step

Instead of using gel to comb the eyebrows, apply some hair spray and brush them with a mascara brush to obtain a natural effect.

9. Get the perfect finish

After applying your lipstick, place your finger between your lips and press for a few seconds, the excess will stay on your finger.

10. Goodbye to frizz

The secret of a hair without frizz It is in the way of brushing it. Comb your hair wet like the professionals: grab a handful at a time and brush it from the center to the tips, then from the scalp to the center.

11. Contouring cleansed

Choose an angular sponge, it is the best to apply makeup straight and with an ultraclean result. Then, blot with a brush.

12. Wear some model legs

When you rest, try to keep your feet elevated. This will improve the circulation of your legs and reduce the risk of suffering from varicose veins.

13. Do not throw away your eyeliner

When your eyeliner dries, remove the top of the brush and turn it so you use the other end.

14. Apply your shadow without staining your face

To do this, cut off the ends of a piece of rice paper, stick it under your eyes and that's it! This will collect all the dust left over from the shadows and can also help you as a guide to create a cat eye

15. That your makeup does not disappear

If you are tired of your shadows breaking when you go on a trip, put some cotton pads between the makeup and the lid. This will absorb the impact of any hit.