15 Beautiful designs that will inspire you for a neckline tattoo


When it comes to tattoos, women choose specific places, because many of the designs are quite sensual. Until some time ago the hips were the favorite place for those who wanted a small and attractive tattoo, but that idea has remained in the past.

Today is to bring tattoos on the neckline, yes, although it seems one of the most painful places to get one, many women are choosing this area for a simple reason: they can wear them whenever they want without having to discover. These are 15 beautiful ideas to get a tattoo on the neckline.

1. This cute tattoo will serve as inspiration

2. Three points that reveal simplicity

3. A detailed rose that would make anyone fall in love

4. A masterpiece made with delicate lines

5. This is a minimalist design that you need

6. The perfect tattoo to wear with a swimsuit

7. A small rose for girls who do not want to attract attention

8. The relics of death of Harry Potter look perfect

9. This shaded branch will decorate your chest

10. How about a conceptual triangle?

11. A design that wraps and highlights your attributes

12. This little flower that is barely visible is pretty nice

13. It is a powerful choice

14. The flowers look beautiful on the neckline

15. This is a pretty sexy scribble

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