15 Basic garments to turn a boring wardrobe into a gallam rock girl's closet


The rock not only has he given us the best songs of the last decades, he has also taught us that glamor and attitude go hand in hand, as a simple checkered shirt and a couple of jeans broken can make a difference.

If you are a girl who loves rock and fashion, or just want to give your style a new touch, it's time to try one of these 15 accessories that will help you achieve your goal: to look like a true star of music.

1. Broken pants

For a misaligned effect.

2. Denim vests

If you can add some patches, they will give a rude touch to your style.

3. Long skirts

Of gauze, with prints or smooth, as long as they are dark in color, they will be perfect.

4. Long, baggy sweaters

Combine them with a pair of pointy boots for an effect rock.

5. Estoperoles everywhere

The more estoperoles you use, the rougher your style will be. You can wear them in your jackets, jeans or bags.

6. Classic prints

Guitars and group names are the most used.

7. Shorts worn

They are the perfect complement for any festival of rock.

8. Velvet!

In blouses, jackets or skirts, combined with black garments is ideal.

9. T-shirts XXL

You use them as dresses and you wear your best boots.

10. Denim jackets

The ideal touch for any outfit.

11. Plaid shirts

They are the classic of the industry.

12. Jeans of colors

The reds are the favorites of the musical genre.

13. Leather and more leather

Not only motorcyclists look good.

14. Golden colors

Not everything is darkness in this style.

15. Many accessories

Booties and hats are favorites.

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