15 arguments that NINGÃ N man has won (or will win) his BRIDE


Being in a relationship does not mean that everything will be taken out of hand, there will often be arguments and no matter how much he protests or tries to argue, there are fights that he will never win. Because, repeat after me: women are always right.

Here are 11 reasons for discussion that guys are never going to win against their girlfriend.

1. Be honest

The typical discussion: Be honest: Do you think I have gained weight? - Maybe a little - WHAT ?! -You said you were honest

This is the problem with honesty, when someone asks you to be honest it probably means you should lie, even if it's a little bit. Especially when it comes to weight issues and their relatives, you definitely have to lie.

2. Why were you looking at that girl?

Even if you were not looking at another girl; Even if your eyes could not look in that direction or if there was not a woman nearby, you will never win that argument. And the more you protest, the more you insist.

3. I can read your mind

I did not mean this when I said I did not want to celebrate our anniversary!

4. Are you watching pornography?

Many men see porn. Without daring to judge, if she catches you courage and tell you the things you need to hear. Then you will discover that real sex reconciliation sex is better than virtual sex.

5. Leaving comments on Facebook?

So you thought you would never see those comments that you left in the photo of that girl What looks so good? (Cut them now if you do not want to feel the fury of the gods!)

6. We will see The Devil Wears Prada tonight!

I promise you'll like the end. It's so good! The performance of Meryl Streep is to die for. Thank you, love, you are the best! (Do not say more.)

7. Work harder with my friends

You know what you have to do. Even if that means you have to dance to the rhythm of Katy Perry and not kiss your girlfriend for two hours.

8. I drank too much, my head is spinning and I need attention

This situation resembles a Russian film: it is complex and difficult to understand, but there could be worse things, like holding it while going to the bathroom to return the stomach.

9. Why do you have that photo of that girl half naked?

We do not know why you kept it, but you had better forget it for years. (Congratulations, friend, you opened the floodgate!)

10. Do you really prefer to be with your friends than with me?

Let's see, do your friends buy you those chocolate covered bananas that you like so much? Right. I thought so. Go have fun with them playing video games and get the snot out!

11. You're coming to Beyoncé's concert, right?

She is an icon and you know it. Great, I'll buy the tickets now! I love you. XXOO

12. I found something on your phone that I do not like at all

Well, I decided that I should check your messages on the phone and do some research. But it does not compare to the offensiveness of the text messages you have sent.

In spite of how annoying you are about his meddling in your privacy, maybe you should not give him any reason to do so.

13. Why do you congratulate your ex on his birthday?

It does not matter if she organized a big party and then offered you a slice of cake, we all know that wishing an ex-girlfriend a happy birthday means that something is left and that you would like her to remember you on that special day. Remember that candle went out a long time ago.

14. I do not want to leave early

So you'll have to stay until she's ready to leave. Think: We will not make a scene, we will stay here.

15. Tell me you love me

This request usually does not appear until you have fought over something that does not make sense for about 20 minutes.

Who said girls are complicated?

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