15 Annoying Facebook states that people should stop publishing NOW!

Social networks have turned freedom of expression into a world of meaningless confessions, and that is that people have to add the famous states or status to talk about issues that are irrelevant to other users.

Day by day we see states of Facebook that we really hate, because of the amount of things they mention in them, what people do every second of the day or how sad they are when they feel depressed. Here we leave some of them, and we are sure that you also want them to disappear quickly.

1. The kings of drama

Really 5% of your friends on Facebook care if you feel sad or if you hate your life.

The rest of the people do not care at all.

2. The absurd

If you have had an accident and you are probably injured, you should not publish about how you are doing. Ideally, leave the phone for a moment and go with a doctor to check you. The likes will not cure you.

3. Indirect

Why can not you tell me on my face! It really is not necessary to write hints to know that certain people do not like you and hate them.

4. Cleaning in the friends list

Exhaustive cleaning of my list of friends, if you are reading this CONGRATULATIONS, YES WE ARE FRIENDS!

Nobody cares! It is not necessary to say if you are about to erase some people from your list of friends, it is a cry of desperation to get attention.

5. Minute by minute update

At work, having a delicious breakfast, I'm so bored, watching a fabulous movie.
This type of state becomes boring and at the same time annoying, if you are doing an activity, try to enjoy it, it will not be more exciting if you make everyone aware of it.

6. The religious

People who constantly write states to thank some saint or to let others know that they are blessed.

The saints do not have a Facebook account, avoid doing that!

7. Mothers obsessed with their children

I have the most beautiful son, My son is my happiness, Being a mother is the best thing in the world

If they really love their children they should spend more time with them instead of publishing infinite states of love

8. Greeting the months that arrive and pass

Goodbye February, hello March, surprise me

The months can not surprise you. They are neither magicians nor will they respond to you in the same way.

9. Love is in the air

I love you, you are the best thing that has happened to me in life, together forever! .

This class of states only shows that the relationship will end four months after it started. Surely they will dedicate the same to their next partner.

10. Excessive use of Hashtag

#Feliz # hermosodía #moments #lol

People do not decipher so many Hashtag; They are complicated and boring.

11. Gym fans

It is complemented with the already famous Hashtag #Enelgym #cardio #enforma #training #healthylife, besides that they will always be accompanied by a fabulous photograph in which they show their healthy body.

12. Like and I publish to you

Is it really necessary to do this to get some attention? I'll publish you if I really want to publish something

13. People with bad spelling

It is essential to have good spelling. It gives you more credibility before people, because if you have bad spelling your status will leave you as a silly person.

14. Food photos

People who have the constant need for the world to find out how delicious food is.

It is not necessary to publish that they are eating!

Does not food taste the same if it is not published?

15. The famous check-in

We are not interested if you are going to the supermarket or to an appointment in the middle of the desert.

Save them for something more important; The world will thank you.

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