15 Amazing tricks that your stylist does not want you to know


Today we bring you the best beauty tips that surely you will not want to share your stylist; and do not get us wrong, it will not be bad, but because these remedies are really so good that in the end you would stop going to your beauty salon.

Take note and get to know the best tips that we found for you, with which you will not only create new habits to your beauty routine, but also save time and money like you never imagined before:

1. Heat your mascara before using it to avoid lumps

You can put it in your brasiere while you comb and makeup so that when it comes to painting the eyelashes it is much warmer and liquid, you can also add a drop of coconut oil to dilute if your mascara is already a little old.

2. Then remove the excess mascara from the brush with a handkerchief

3. Natural curls before sleep

4. Rose water instead of make-up remover

Rose water works the same to remove make-up and has a delicious smell, it also removes oily skin and throws away all the pimples you have; It's incredibly effective, you have to try it.

5. Makeup with base your lips before painting them

Then seal them with a face towel by gently pressing on your lips applying a little translucent or compact powder; this will seal the painting and it will last you much longer

6. Make your own homemade scrubs

7. Wash your brushes frequently and let them dry very well before using them

The care of your brushes influences too much in the finish of your makeup and in the care of your skin; immerse your brushes in water and neutral soap and try never to wet the wooden handle, after washing, let them dry on a flat surface.

8. Cleaning and household strips with milk and gelatin

It is super easy to make your own cleaning strips at home, you only need a spoonful of gelatin powder and 4 whole milk, the clients in the microwave and apply, learn quickly with the tutorial.

9. Warm up your eyelash curler with the dryer for a more even curl

Do not heat it too much, just a little so that the rubber on your curling iron will be warm, but not enough to burn your eyelids, since these curlers are usually made of metal.

10. Bring the hair dryer's nozzle closer to the hair and use a brush if you do not know how to use the round brush

It's much easier than you imagine, and if you battle too hard to use those round brushes, the clip will be your new best friend to straighten your hair. Always try to fix up to 75% of your hair before using the iron, save time and mistreat your hair less.

11. Use coconut oil to eliminate frizz from your hair after combing it

If you just iron your hair and do not have drops of silk or wax to comb, use a few drops of coconut oil in your hair to calm the frizz, this will deeply hydrate your hair and also leave a delicious smell.

12. Avoid excess compact powder in your makeup

After the base, the ideal is only a little dust to achieve the velvety effect, but it is important that you stop exaggerating with the powder, because this ruins the makeup and also your skin.

13. Cold tea bags to eliminate dark circles

This tip will change your life if you reveal a lot and you do not even know how to change your way of makeup your dark circles. Leave wet bags in your freezer and when you need them just take out and apply in your eyes.

14. Adhesive strips to create a perfect line in your outline

15. Use a brown or transparent mascara to lift and comb your eyebrows

This is a wonder, if you learn this technique you will never iron your eyebrows again, you can even recycle a mascara that you no longer use and use a little coconut oil that will not only help you to have combs and shape your eyebrows, but also will help moisturize them to the fullest.

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