15 amazing tricks that every parent should know. You'll love it!


Being a new parent is difficult and scary. Since everything is new to you, you will probably be open to any advice or recommendation that makes your life a little simpler.

With these tricks you will save time and you can stop worrying about small details and start enjoying your new reason for joy.

1. A swimming cap to avoid water in the eyes

2. If your baby's teeth are coming out

Put a bit of applesauce in a towel dipped in cold water, roll it up and let it suck.

3. Put silicone in your shoes, to prevent it from slipping

4. Avoid accidents with the doors using a pool noodle

You can use them in corners to avoid bumps.

5. Write your child's address and apply clear varnish

6. Use the dishwasher to wash your child's toys

7. In a plastic basket place your baby so that their toys float nearby during the bath

8. If your baby's teeth are coming out, fill an ice cube with milk or juice and turn your pacifiers into an ice palette

9. Do not forget the time when you get the medication!

10. Cover the top of the playard with a sheet to prevent mosquitoes

11. Anti-monsters spray

You can use a flavoring spray, and put a cover like the one in the picture, so your child will be calm when you use it.

12. Make a fun tent with a sheet and a fan

13. Now you can distinguish the twins

14. Put a layer on your ice palette to prevent staining clothes

15. Tie a thread to the swing and fly it comfortably