15 Amazing tips for all mothers who have sons


The first reference in the world that we humans have is the parents. They never had at hand a precise manual that they could consult whenever they were hesitant about how to educate their children, and yet they always did their best to be a good influence of life.

As a mother of men it is necessary to bear in mind that the training given will be the key to forming a respectful, loving and dignified man, and away from that stereotype that for years has marked that a man must be cold, impassive and few words. Here we share some tips to raise men attentive, educated and happy.

1. Teach you to communicate your emotions

When you are sad, happy, desperate or angry, let it be freely expressed. Explain that it is normal to feel different emotions and that there is nothing wrong with having them. Talk to him so that he knows the difference between them and that he knows that he always has the option of identifying and expressing them in an appropriate way.

2. To learn from positive examples

Let it be clear that the most valuable thing of a woman does not reside in her body shape or the beauty of her face, but in her intellect, personality, character and integrity.

3. And of exemplary men

Show him that there is a world beyond sports idols and superheroes. That in history and in his daily life he has examples of men who are righteous and admirable in every way.

4. Respect is fundamental

Establish rules and assert your authority. The fact that you are loving also implies that you educate him with firm values ​​and respect towards himself and towards others. If a problematic situation arises between him and another person, make sure you listen to both versions and that he knows he has your support, and that he needs to talk to you before disrespecting someone.

5. Read with him

A good reader is formed from childhood. There is no better influence to see that parents enjoy reading, so if possible, accompany him to read at night before sleeping and talk about your favorite stories and characters.

6. Encourage empathy

It is very important that he learn to live with others, because only then will he be a good friend and eventually husband and father. Assigning responsibilities in the home such as washing dirty dishes and picking up your room encourages the development of empathy with others.

7. Boost your self-esteem

It is essential that you have confidence in yourself to be aware of its value. You can motivate him with phrases as I see the effort you put in your work and I'm proud of you.

8. When in doubt, kisses and hugs

In general, children find it difficult to express their emotions, but this is not a limitation to form them in love and tenderness. When you do not know for sure what happens and do not want to talk, just hug it and kiss it.

9. Cultivate a good relationship with your father

The relationship you have with your father will be one of the most important references you will have for future relationships, whether you want it or not. Take into account that as a mother you can help her to have a healthy emotional formation, but the father will teach her how it is done.

10. Play with him

Go to the park, to the street or to the beach. Invent games and give them the opportunity to explore and run, to see you enjoy movement and freedom. That he knows that you also get dirty, that you enjoy life and have fun with him.

11. Teach her to dance

Let him know that it's not something exclusive to girls. Explain that it is a great way to strengthen bonds and interact with girls, as well as a totally enjoyable activity that will help you express yourself and increase your confidence.

12. Remember that you are the example

The main figure in your life is you, you are your closest reference to the world and people, so you must take care of being a congruent and above all, happy woman.

13. Encourages participation in games

It does not matter that you do not always win, the important thing is that you take pleasure in participating and that you learn that just as you win, you also lose and that does not mean you have to give up.

14. Encourage your curiosity

Every time you can, take him to know a new place. It can be a park, a library, a restaurant, a nearby spot in the countryside or a museum. The aim is to stimulate your imagination and the taste to explore unknown things. The more you expose yourself to new experiences, the more awareness you will have of the world and the stronger will be your desire to know it.

15. Good manners are fundamental

It is recommended that you get used to saying thank you and please, to give your seat to the elderly and women on public transport, not to talk with your mouth full. Know what it feels like to offer help voluntarily and live in harmony with others.