15 Amazing photographs that had a second chance thanks to Photoshop


Today it is difficult to find a photograph that has not been manipulated with the famous program Photoshop, a tool that has been criticized in recent years for being able to create scenes, accessories, landscapes and even people in a photo. However, it has also generated a series of artistic images that can be considered true works of digital art.

As with a brush, there are no limits when flying creativity and applying retouching, as in the following images.

1. The use of Photoshop has reached a new level

2. You can create images virtually from scratch

3. You can turn a simple photo into a work of art

4. Increase the intensity of the colors

5. Create fictitious scenarios

6. Travel to a fantasy world

7. Decorate your own skin

8. Be a princess

9. The secret is in your imagination

10. The emotions that you want to transmit

11. And the professionalism with which you use this tool

12. Just remember that it's a matter of practice

13. Or to find some professional

14. For now capture as many photos as you can

15. So that the least expected day give them a double life

Make the Perfect Head Swap in Photoshop (January 2021)