15 Amazing outfits that confirm that the orange will be the new black this summer 2017


If you are fervent fan from the original Netflix series Orange Is The New Black, sure you understand the pun between the orange uniforms of the prisoners of Litchfield and its fashion references, however, it may be that Piper Kerman, author of the famous novel in which the series was inspired, was not so wrong when she named the project as the orange is the new black.

In the last catwalks, one of the most modeled colors has been the orange color; combined with equally vivid and bright tones, such as king blue, green and violet, shining for versatility. Fashion bloggers have also adopted this trend and taught us to match the nude, golden and brown for a look more casual These 15 style ideas will convince you even more that this summer 2017 the orange will be the new black.

1. We need the color of summer 2017

2. And the orange is already the favorite among fashion bloggers

3. Join the trend jumperjacket

4. Accessories to the minimum will make your orange dress the protagonist

5. Dare to use it more formally

6. Orange and nude they are the infallible combination

7. Orange and pink is another fun option

8. Combine it with navy blue for a look more serious

9. A style retro with a blouse without shoulders

10. This beautiful jumpersuit style boho

11. A maxidress with sexy cleavage on the back

12. Combine textures for a style plus chic

13. More than one designer approves

14. The orange it's the new black