15 Amazing glasses to dominate the beach this summer


Summer is just around the corner and that means that the sun's rays are ready to make evenings on the beach more enjoyable and tan our skin with exquisite gold.

Returning to the last point, during the summer is when we should be more careful with our skin: use sunscreen, hat, caps or glasses is essential, and to get the best out of these accessories we show you 15 styles of sun glasses that will trend this season.

1. The perfect balance between square and round

2. Irregular shapes are worthy of an Instagram photo

3. Who said that pearls are only at sea?

4. As big as you want

5. Round glasses never go out of style

6. Perfect for a style boho

7. Inspired by your favorite pussycat

8. Few girls will dare to use them

9. The gradient will be summer's favorite

10. Forget the regular frames!

11. Rude and attractive in less than two minutes

12. Small details make the difference

13. The mirror effect is not only carried on the nails

14. As elegant on the beach as in the office

15. The lips are not just for kissing

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