15 Amazing documentaries that will change the way you see the world


Science fiction movies, suspense or crimes, are usually the highest grossing because they contain scenes that cause the amazement of the public. However, there are documentaries based on real events that are capable of overshadowing the aforementioned productions.

If you doubt what we are saying, you should give yourself the opportunity to have a marathon of documentaries that will change your way of seeing the world, by showing a reality that few dare to speak about.

1. The Woman Who Wasnt There

Alicia Esteve Head said she was on the 78th floor of the World Trade Center during the September 11, 2001 attacks. She gave a moving testimony about how she survived the attacks and even revealed that her fiancé died in the other tower. Later, she became the president of the support group of the World Trade Center Survivors Network. But there was a problem: he was not in any of the towers on the day of the attacks, he was not even in the country he was studying in Barcelona.

2. Amanda Knox

The real case of an American student who was accused in 2007 of murdering her roommate.

3. Child of Rage: A Story of Abuse

At just six years of age, Beth Thomas already had a reactive attachment disorder caused by the abuse she suffered. This documentary includes interviews with Beth, who quietly tells what she would like to do to her adoptive family: kill them.

4. Casting JonBenet

A critical reflection on the dark and feared entertainment industry and its relationship with minors.

5. Mommy Dead and Dearest

Reveals the murder of Dee Dee Blancharde, a exemplary mother who took care of his daughter, who was seriously ill. But after Dee Dee was murdered, it was discovered that things were not what they seemed and that her daughter was never sick.

6. The Keepers

Nuns and murders. This documentary analyzes the unsolved homicide of the teacher and religious Cathy Cesnik, in 1969. Before her death she received the testimonies of several students who denounced sexual abuse by the priest Joseph Maskell.

7. Dreams of a Life

Joyce Vincent, a woman who died alone in her apartment without being found until after three years. She died of unknown cause, with the television on and surrounded by half wrapped Christmas gifts.

8. The Drop Box

A church that welcomes an abandoned child into a safe space. Each story presented bristles the skin.

9. Holy Hell

A sect in West Hollywood led by the kind Professor Michael. The director of the documentary was a member of this sect that collapsed thanks to the testimony of one of its members, revealing his grisly crimes.

10. The Witness

Tells the story of Kitty Genovese, who was murdered outside her apartment in New York in 1960. It is said that 38 people witnessed her attack, but no one called the police or tried to help her. The subject who attacked her even fled for a moment, but she had enough time to return and end her life. His murder is the reason why 911 was created.

11. The True Cost

It exposes the manufacture of clothing, the people who make it and the impact that the textile industry has on humanity.

12. Freakonomics

A documentary that relates economic concepts with situations outside the traditional scope of the economy, from sumo wrestlers to baby names.

13. The Imposter

Nicholas Barclay was 13 years old when he disappeared in 1994. Three years later he returned home, but there was something strange about his behavior. Frédéric Bourdin took Barclay's place and, literally, lived with Barclay's family for six months, until someone realized that he was not who he said he was.

14. This Is the Zodiac Speaking

This documentary is immersed in the investigation of Zodiac killer and interview the people who worked on the case and the two victims who survived their attacks.

15. Tabloid

Tells the story of Joyce McKinney, a girl with a high IQ who, in 1977, was accused of hiring a private investigator to find a boy she fell in love with; When he finds him, he kidnaps him, keeps him hostage and plays with him to the house, until he manages to escape.

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