15 Almond nail designs that will become your obsession


While spending an hour doing a manicure can be relaxing, it is also a moment full of overwhelming decisions. Well, not really, but you have to admit that it is not easy to have to choose a design and a style for your nails sitting, while you enjoy a delicious drink and you consent to a massage. Fortunately, there are thousands of colors, shapes and sizes. But today we have to talk about a specific style: almond nails.

Also known as oval, they are a common choice among celebrities; In addition, they are thin at the sides and wide at the base, with an almond-shaped peak that makes them more manageable and less brittle. In case you are seriously thinking about choosing this type of nails, here are 15 designs that range from the minimalist to the elegant and also fun.

1. Create your own design by combining colors and different geometric shapes

2. A hypnotic and bright blue

3. Full of studs for the rude girl in you

4. Baby pink colors are classic and cute

5. A minimalist design always looks good

6. Elegant and feminine

7. Marble nails look strong and bright

8. With a different French design

9. Roses like quartz

10. Flowers will always be feminine and beautiful

11. Points that stand out and look cute

12. With a touch of gold

13. Mixed colors make them impressive

14. It's like having a galaxy in your hands

15. With bright 3D decorations

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