14 ways to know you've FOUND your BFF

When you hear the phrase soul mate, it is likely that different meanings come to your mind. The truth is that there are many types of soulmates that we will find along the way. Some will last a fleeting second and while they quickly come out of our lives, they leave their mark on it. Another is the soulmate with whom we will share the rest of our days. And there is a kind of soul mate more, the most important that a girl will find: her best friend forever (Best Friend Forever).

1. Just a quick look between the two is enough for the two to explode in a fit of laughter

2. It does not bother you to act like your lesbian partner when a guy is being too pushy

3. They can be, and are, brutally honest with each other

4. There is no issue that is out of bounds for you

Literally, nothing is out of bounds for you. They can talk about when was the last time they went to the bathroom and tell each other the details, although surely there will be another thousand topics to talk about.

5. They have no problem sleeping in the same bed

6. They can be silent and feel comfortable

7. Support each other in their dreams, hobbies and ambitions

8. You have no problem driving 15 hours just to fulfill your whim

9. She knows everything about the guy you like, and supports you

10. They know what is their good side for photos (and finding the perfect angle is a science)

11. They can be separated for a long time and their friendship will not be affected

12. Usually your text messages are the first they send and receive in the mornings

13. You always try not to open your text messages when you are in public

Well, you know that there is a great chance that it will make you laugh and you will not be able to hide it.

14. She knows so much about you and you about her that they just can not stop being friends

It would definitely be very dangerous to stop talking, due to the amount of information they have to blackmail.

Maybe the twenty years are not to find the man of your dreams but to find your best friend. Then someone will appear who accepts you as you are, but not only you, also your best friend.

Surefire Signs You've Found Your Best Friend (January 2021)