14 Ways in which your life improves infinitely when you stop going out at night

There are certain moments in each person's life where it is inevitable to resist change. The night outings are one of them. It does not matter if it is a bar or just a quiet bar (everyone knows that there is no quiet night when there is alcohol involved), you know that the time has come to leave them behind.

All my friends are going out and I do not want to miss it, it's what you say every weekend, but do you know what is the only thing that you will definitely not miss if you leave? The next day's hangover and exhaustion while you hug the toilet for hours.

If you still need more reasons to convince yourself of why it is better to stay at home than to go out, here we present them:

1. Do not gain weight or swollen dawns

There are some alcoholic drinks that have a lot of calories, do you know what this means? If you do not drink alcohol, you can spend some extra calories on those foods that you like so much. Also, you can choose how much to eat, because never being sober you would eat a whole pizza, right?

Get up fresh and rested to take advantage of the next day is priceless.

2. Do not wake up regretting what you did last night

You did not go out, you did not drink and, of course, you did not make bad decisions, so you do not have to regret anything! Much less than those 15 shots of tequila that you drank as water.

Now you can change that for a beautiful and romantic date with your bed and your movie player.

3. You are more productive on weekends

Everyone knows the horrible feeling on Saturdays or on Sunday mornings, when you wake up with a hellish hangover. The hours pass and suddenly you realize that it is 5:00 in the afternoon and you have not even left your room.

For someone who works five days a week, do not you think there would be a way to make better use of your free time?

4. You save a lot of money

When you do not spend your money to buy drinks and pay the expensive tickets to the fashionable places, you get enough money to stop choosing between paying the rent or eating the whole month.

5. You will save friends by avoiding drunken fights

What is the fastest way to ruin a friendship? The answer is simple: get to fight with your friend for the stupidest things, while she and you are in a state of intoxication.

It is likely that neither of the two, the next day, remember well what happened, and will not want to apologize.

6. Remember everything you did last night

You know exactly what you did because you did not party! There is no anxiety or stress to know the things you could have done or said, since you avoided the situation completely.

If this is not a sufficient reason not to leave, then I do not know what it is.

7. You will not wake up labeled in 60 photos where you look like a zombie

Everyone knows very well that little sense of panic when Facebook notifies us about some photos where we have been labeled: Photos? I do not even remember what happened last night, the last thing I need is a lot of photographic evidence.

8. The neurons that you have left are safe

The real reason many people hate Monday mornings is not because of their jobs, it's because they spent the previous two nights getting drunk and living in a hangover-recovery state.

9. You will no longer destroy your kidneys and your liver

Also, the more you drink the more you weaken your immune system, meaning that you become more susceptible to diseases. And I guess you do not have much free time to deal with the cold, do you?

10. Your family members will stop thinking that you have to go to AA

Your family dinners will now be full of real conversations and not reprimands for your continuous party nights. Thank God!

11. You will not lose that expensive thing you just bought

Making the decision of whether or not to wear a jacket or bag at night is difficult. You do not know if the place you're going to has a cloakroom, and you definitely do not want to spend the whole night with something in your hand. However, your drunk self thinks it's a good idea to leave your things in any corner and then you can not find them.

12. You will not lose your phone either

Is there anything worse than sending text messages while intoxicated? Yes! Not being able to send them because you do not know where you left your cellphone.

13. You will wake up in your bed

It does not matter if you do it alone or accompanied, at least you'll know what you do and how you got there.

14. You will not have an unwarranted emotional crisis

There is no worse way to end a crazy night out than with a massive crying crisis. The worst thing is that it does not matter the fact of why you find yourself crying: in the end, when you are in your five senses, you will realize that it was not so much.

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