14 Things that will NEVER be fun again at the end of 20

The beginning of the 20 are the best years to go out, get all the shots Tequila as you can, make mistakes and wake up the next day fresh and with the attitude of doing it again, ready to go out again that same night. That's over now that you're approaching thirty: definitely none of these things will seem fun.

1. Shots

What is it that makes you take the worst decisions, such as going completely drunk and being fined for driving, and then you end up throwing up in a taxi on the way home? Ah, of course shots!

2. Group messages

No, I do not want to go to the presentation of your dance class and neither do any of your other contacts to whom you sent the same message.

3. Talking on the phone

When you and your best friend from high school went to different universities, it was fun to make two-hour phone calls each week to share your new experiences. Now you do not care, fuck it !, for that there are text messages, why should I use my voice?

4. Go out at night

I'm still young! I'm still very young! I'm still sleeping at the bar.

5. Eat unhealthy food

Because eating pizza every day is delicious when you have a young digestive system, and then, maybe having a very fatty diet does not feel like death. But now you have the digestive system and metabolism of an old person! Some, at the end of their twenties, still have iron stomachs, but they will definitely not be able to eat the whole plate of spaghetti as they used to do before.

6. Being bored all day at work

Yes, being bored is better than feeling like you're literally living in hell because of stress, but being on a 9 to 5 desktop, where there's nothing else to do than check your social networks, really only makes the day feels sooooo long. This is the new trick you have discovered now: offer an extra in your own day of work.

7. The claim

Remember when you were in college and you fell madly in love with that boy you thought would be the next Bolaño, and you read as much as possible of Borges although you did not understand almost anything? If you found him now you would realize that he was just an insecure child trying to be different to have a valid sense of superiority.

8. Complain about your parents

Your parents, or at least one of them, is amazing. And of course, you did not know it until you realized that you are more and more like your mother, and that really seems great to you.

9. Camping in a row to enter to see a concert

Well, you like the band, but it's definitely not fun to sleep on the sidewalk like a vagabond at all.

10. The hostels

A hostel is a low class place where you can spend the night. And there is an expiration date for the days when lying on a bed in a nest of weeds in ruins and listening to that cute foreign boy who plays the guitar are fun. (That time expires the day you turn 27)

11. Fast and fatty food after a party

See point number 5.

12. Live in a house or apartment with a thousand companions

No, it's not that I do not like to live in community. Okay, I accept it! I hate living in community.

13. Go to the dive

I can listen to music at full volume and despise humanity in my own home, for free and without heels.

14. The holidays

I can listen to electronic music and despise humanity in my own home, for free, and without drugs. Sorry: I already said it?

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