14 Things that all independent women want secretly


Young, independent women with a professional career are probably unique. Our only goal is the goals that drive us. It does not mean that we reject a relationship, and it does not mean that we are lacking in love or that we are robots without emotions.

We have secret desires and desires that are not visible on the surface. Some of them refer directly to our lack of a partner, others are only small emotions that only a relationship can give us.

We independent girls, we often try not to use our heart in an irrational way, so this is a look at the minds of independent women, these are just some things we secretly want.

1. I want someone to know my culinary skills

Quite frankly, the creation of extravagant meals is often useless when there is no one to share them with. Dogs do not count; they can not eat anything. Whether we cook together or just try to do it, I want to get the chef title for someone.

2. I want someone to help me solve my problems

Okay, I admit it, I secretly want a man to help me with the strenuous tasks of home. Incuso could be just a friend who offered to help me organize my garage. Sometimes it is tiring to solve all the problems alone. This does not mean that I will stop being an independent woman, it just makes me more human.

3. I want to be the shoulder to cry for someone

I have a lot of experience when it comes to comforting my friends and acquaintances who have experienced some difficulty (also when it is necessary to distract them).

I like to help others fix their messy minds so they can identify their passions. Even though I can not materialize through a meaningful caress session, I just want to be there for someone sometimes. Maybe that's because I need to feel confident.

4. I want a good dose of good wishes

Like a multivitamin, it is good to have a good dose of good wishes to start the day well. I want someone to give me a good dose of good morning.

I want to be a bright spot in someone's day, even when it's just a romantic adventure or a stable couple. I am not a needy person, but waking up with a romantic message once or twice a week would make my mornings better and more productive.

5. I want someone to know the details of my day

I want a person to calm my thoughts before sleeping, and that in turn also helps me fall asleep quickly. If I'm the only thing in someone's mind, I feel like I care in some way.

6. I want someone to see beyond my beauty

I want the affirmation that I, as a human being, apart from my attractions, are also worth my intelligence. I do not feel very valuable or worthless, but affirmations can have a great deal of inspiration in your life.

7. I want to have small surprises

The surprise could be as small as a funny GIF or a funny photo of snapchat. In the least of the efforts, although I do not like it too much, I want to have someone who comes to my house unexpectedly and breaks the monotony of my afternoon or weekend.

8. I want someone to express all their emotions and feelings

Meeting someone in the world who does not like my prolonged absence of feeling good is special. Having someone to express their feelings can do great things in the life of a lonely girl, who often migrates through life without a fixed direction.

9. I want to yearn for a relationship

It is a strange sensation when you can not get a stable partner, it is a vertigo that does not show a very pleasant sensation. It is often a rarity that due to its level of live intensity.

Maybe I need someone with whom I know I'll never be, or maybe I'm constantly alive longing for a relationship that I know will never come back. Anyway, I want someone. To a person that when I think about him revolutionizes my emotions, that reminds me that I am still capable of taking care of someone intimately.

If a man can make me crave his energy, he has something special that he would miss from time to time.

10. I want to affirm that chivalry has not died

I want someone to offer me his jacket when it's cold. I like it when people open the doors for me, especially if I'm with my hands a little full. Those are just good gestures, even when they are from a co-worker or a stranger in a cafeteria.

From time to time I like to receive small gestures like that for no reason, but it would intensify if I had someone at home to do them for me, maybe I want them just to confirm that chivalry has not died.

11. I want people to stop telling me how lucky you are

Unless you have a good reason to believe that I've started seeing someone, please stop telling me I'm lucky. Please, do not ask a woman about who she should share her life with, she will know when she finds the right man.

12. I want you to stop questioning my singleness

Is it really a serious question? What do you expect me to answer? What am I undesirable? What am I really horrible? They've hurt me, so maybe that's why I'm seriously thinking about dying alone. Or maybe none of the previous answers is indicated. I'm just not dating anyone at the moment, so I do not have to give any explanation.

13. I want people to stop acting as if there was a void in my life

I am perfectly alone, and if I do not or I am also I would be happy. It is not difficult to find a couple, the difficult thing is to find someone who captivates me and who adapts to my lifestyle.

I do not see any need to commit. I'm not worried about fertility. If I do not find the indicated one, I will not decide to have children. Even when my fertility stage is over, I'm fine with adoption. I'm not incomplete without a partner. I'm waiting for a synergistic connection, one in which two people create a more satisfying feeling.

14. I want to remain patient until I find true love

I do not feel like staying alone, but I do not feel worried about being there either. I think there is some person in the world who wants to be with me as much as I want to be with him. Maybe I've already crossed paths with him, or maybe not.

In the meantime, I will be patient and I will continue to enjoy my bachelorhood in a happy way, despite these needs and desires.

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