14 ridiculous things that every girl does in social networks but few dare to admit


It is not a secret that it would be absurd to deny that to the generation millennial he touched the watershed of social networks and that beautiful package of pros and cons of virtual interaction. Every twenty-year-old girl in 2017 began her life of digital profiles during her adolescence, that transition from Messenger, until Hi5 Y MySpace, to finally reach the platforms most used today as Facebook and Instagram

And although perhaps nobody predicted that having an account on any platform could be a bit complicated for some, the reality is that an expert knows how to manage their profiles without losing temper. Do you consider yourself a girl who takes care of every detail of your accounts? Maybe you're not the only one; here 14 things that every woman does in social networks but that few would dare to admit it.

1. Questions to your friends before uploading a selfie

You would never post a selfie Without the opinion of your best friends, do you?

2. You also ask if you should use a filter

Your opinion can change everything.

3. You check that you are not following more people than you follow

Where would your reputation be if that happened?

4. Identify those who do not publish to stop following them

You have spent more than 10 minutes on this task but you admit that it was worth it.

5. You get offended when someone stops you from following


6. Sometimes it takes a while to upload a photo where you leave linda

Because what a pity that people see you share photos so often.

7. You use the same photo for all your social profiles

Because it is the photo that you love enough to turn it into the photo.

8. That stress of not knowing what selfie choose for your next profile picture

Well it could be THE next profile picture or just a picture where you look pretty. It is difficult to know for sure.

9. Check the profile of your ex boyfriend to see if he has already passed you

It's not that it interests you or something.

10. You have deleted photos when you do not have enough likes

It's a dirty job, but someone should do it.

11. You enter the memories section to erase the most uncomfortable

You can erase years of your life because nobody is interested in that strange phase where you used many fringes emos in your adolescence

12. You ignore a message in Facebook even if you have free time

Be honest, all day you have the cell phone in your hand, if you do not answer, it's simply because you do not want to.

13. You have the idea to write a state and even then you edit it 16 times

The experience of having published hastily has taught you to review your state a thousand times or you tweet before publishing it.

14. You have discussed in a publication about a topic that does not affect you

You live under that rule: this is Internet and who does not support it, who better disconnects.

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