14 Reasons why NINGÃ N man will overtake Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You


Heath Ledger was a handsome actor who achieved total fame at the end of the 90s and the first years of the 2 thousand with roles in films like The patriot, Secret in the mountain, or his incredible role that made him an Oscar winner: the joker, in Batman: The knight of the night. But this time we will talk about a movie that fell in love with the noventeras girls: 10 Things I Hate About You (10 things I hate about you).

Like every girl who saw this movie in her teens, I also wanted to meet a boy like Patrick Verona, mysterious, somber, but with a charming smile. Of course it did not happen, but still it's still the man of my dreams.

1. I knew the way to the heart of a feminist

Tell me more about the feminist movement, baby.

2. He looked like this when the girl he loved read a cheesy poem about him in class

I'm not the only one who used the forward button to get to this scene, did I?

3. He was a teacher of sarcasm

It is a moving story. It really is.

4. Speaking of sarcasm, it was not something that weakened his image

5. He was a dangerous bad boy

With all those black shirts. So Mysterious

6. with a heart of gold

Something like the perfect man?

7. He gave great advice

Do not let anyone make you feel as if you do not deserve what you want. Especially to his double future, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

8. He could keep you safe if you had drunk too much

This movie also gave us ridiculously high expectations about high school parties. We are all disappointed in reality.

9. He had the right amount of self-consciousness

Are you telling me I'm not beautiful?

10. He gave one of the best declarations of love in the cinema

You're too good to be true and I can not take my eyes off you. He's fine, he was paid to do it! But this scene melted us all: Let's admit it!

11. He planned the best appointments

12. I had a smile like this:


13. A deep look

14. And kissed like this:

We miss you, Heath!

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