14 reasons why HAVING a best friend is BETTER than having a boyfriend


Having a boyfriend is obviously amazing for a number of reasons, but you can not deny how great it is to have a best friend and a completely platonic relationship.

Here are 14 reasons why having a man who is your best friend by your side is much better than having a boyfriend.

1. He will be with you for a long time

Do you know what the second F in the BFF means? Of course, forever (Best Friends Forever, Best friends forever).

In short, unlike a boyfriend, with whom things could end at a given moment, your best friend can not afford to put an end to things when things get difficult. In the same way, you can not do it either. Both are forced to rely on the good and the bad, for that they are friends.

2. Will tell you honestly how you dress that dress

Someone who is trying to seduce you, will never be honest when you ask how you look with that dress. It does not matter if you look absolutely fantastic or you really look terrible, your best friend has no reason to lie to you.

3. You can eat whatever you want at dinner

If you are one of the girls who enjoy the good things in life, surely having a dinner date should involve a great challenge for you, because you love to be invited to dinner, but you hate the inevitable limitations of being your suitor who will pay for your food. On the other hand, if he is your best friend, you will return the favor the next time you go out to eat, so you can enjoy what you want.

4. You can be unpleasant in front of him

Obviously, neither you want to be with your best friend, nor he with you. With this mutual understanding of non-attraction, you have the freedom to do disgusting things with him, like belching or talking with your mouth full.

5. He really likes your amazing personality

It's not your impressive body or your fantastic smile that interests you, it's just you. Your best friend relationship has a deeper level because it has nothing to do with physical attraction or appearance. He really loves you for who you are.

6. You do not have to force anything

If your boyfriend is a rock lover and you are not, you will have to give him a chance and listen to his music, even if it seems pathetic. You want to have things in common with your partner, so you do your best. But you and your best friend already have thousands of things in common, that's why they're friends, right?

There is no need to impress him with a feigned interest in the strange music you hate.

7. No need to participate in silly conversations by text messages

Hi how are you? Hey what's up? Hey, how's your day?

These are some of the stupid totally unnecessary conversations that we feel we should have when we are dating someone.

There is no need to ask your best friend how his day is going: if they have not contacted each other, it is because things are fine. Text messages only use them to joke or to make plans for the immediate future: Hey, get up now, let's go to breakfast, instead of Hey, are you going to be free next Friday, I want to invite you to dinner, what do you say? .

8. Do not worry about bothering him

If your boyfriend does not answer a text message: What are you doing, let's eat? , you may hesitate to call him several times and finally decide to appear in his apartment and invite him personally, because he might think you are crazy and obsessed with him.

Your best friend can not afford to get rid of you even if you annoy him like crazy. He knows you're not crazy (and if you are, he loves you for it), and although he might be a little annoyed when you call him many times, you have no choice but to put up with his teasing for being a psychopathic stalker.

9. You do not have to buy ridiculous gifts on special days

Starting with Valentine's Day, the first anniversary month since the day they started dating, the anniversary since they kissed for the first time or the day they met, relationships are full of ridiculous festivities that force you to give away Sweets, details or anything else cheesy.

Instead, there's only one party that forces you to buy a gift for your best friend, and it's your birthday. There is no need to make an effort to make a small album of memories, or a letter with all its history, simply buy a card, a shirt of your favorite team, or a bottle of the drink you like, and that's it! You will be the best.

10. You can take it to your parents' house without any problem

For more confidence that you have to your parents, always a little afraid to invite your house to the boy with whom you are having a relationship, for fear that automatically assume that you are completely in love with him and start planning your wedding.

On the other hand, your best friend can go to your house millions of times and probably your dad will love him more than any other boy you wear. There are no questions about why you invited him, they just let them hang out and have fun.

11. He listens to you

No matter how much your boyfriend loves you, sometimes there are times when his focus will only be how spectacular you look with that shirt, or whether or not they have sex at night.

But your best friend is not interested in your body. And he is aware that he has no chance to have sex with you at night. That gives you no choice but to just sit down and listen to what you have to say. Also, he really loves your personality, so much, that he will always be interested in what you have to say.

12. He does not add any unnecessary drama to your life

I love him so much that it hurts. I do not think I love him enough. I think he is cheating me. He has not spoken to me in two days. He got a job in another city and I do not want to move.

Even the best romantic relationships come with a fair share of drama. In any case, the relationship with your best friend serves as a safe haven from all the other dramas of your life. Without any game, second intentions or augmented emotions, you are totally honest with each other.

13. You can just watch a movie with him

In the world of dating, watching a movie is a code that means, at least, a long session of kisses and hugs. This can be cute and fun, but it is a serious problem when you are really interested in watching the movie, and well who could concentrate with a hand that sensually touches your leg?

On the other hand, watching a movie acquires another meaning when it comes to doing it with your best friend. You can choose the movie you want to see and do just that, watch it. In addition, you can do it in the comfort of your ugliest clothes, but comfortable, and without any type of distraction.

14. You will never feel self-conscious about your body

No matter how confident you and your boyfriend sit with your body, you have had those moments of: Damn it, I forgot to shave! and Oh no, please do not touch me there! . Your best friend and you are free of any physical attraction, so automatically all the insecurities that you may have are discarded.

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