14 Memes that girls who went on a vacation trip will NOT understand


Everyone, at least once in their lives, has gone through this sad disappointment: not going on a trip for spring break, that nice April break that takes all couples in love to the beach, groups of friends to concerts , family members who visit their families in short, people who enjoy, in another place, a well-deserved period of fun and rest.

Any plan can be perfect, because on holiday the purpose is to get out of the routine and see something new, very different from your pajamas and your slippers at home, because when you do not visit another city on your rest days your bedding becomes your uniform and your mother at home is your general, that will enslave you during the following days. If you are one of those who do not leave, you must know these 14 harsh realities that only girls who did not go on a trip during this vacation will understand.

1. How have I spent these vacation days?

More or less so.

2. What do I want to do these days off?


3. What will be my kit of survival?

Including the neurotic mom.

4. What if I am ready to live with my mother every holiday?

This could not get worse.

5. What photos would I like to boast now on Instagram?

Something more or less like that.

6. What does my mom see me right now?


7. What if I could travel, what would be my destiny?

It's hard to choose.

8. What would I look like on the beach?

Honest, but tasty reality.

9. How does it feel to have a vacation, but a lot of homework?

The truth is, it's not very pretty.

10. Why did not I get out of my bed?

I can not control it, it's like a gift or something similar.

11. What are my friends doing on vacation?

They radiate joy.

12. What is happening to me?

Graphic description

13. Whether it was a joke, what did I imagine my vacation?

Stupid reality.

14. In summary

Likewise, it will always be nice not to go to school or work.

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